Regardless of your previous level of diving or snorkeling experience, or
where you choose to stay in our islands, there's a reef that's just right
for you within 15 minutes of your door.

There are also snorkel and modern dive equipment rentals (bring your own
regulator if you've got one) available in The Abacos larger cays and
settlements. After all, since The Abacos boasts one of the largest barrier
reefs in the world ... we should be able to provide you with safe,
dependable and affordable snorkeling and diving gear! Diving in uncrowded,
gin-clear water around our rarely seen reefs and snorkeling on coral heads
that rise to within 1 foot of mean low water level is an experience which
has to be lived to be believed. Wreck diving, beach-access diving, reef
diving, cave diving and all sorts of other underwater wonders are waiting
for you in The Abacos.

Our underwater visibility often approaches 200 feet, and rarely goes below
60-75 feet 'cause we experience very little land-based precipitation run-off
and we have absolutely no industry to pollute our waters. Additionally, our
sand is salt white carbonate and fast-settling (except after a rare,
multi-day "rage").
Our deserted beaches invite exploration. There are literally hundreds of 'em
on our islands. No matter where you decided to stay, a readily available,
modestly priced boat rental will easily and safely get you to a wide
selection of snow-white, picture postcard, virtually unspoiled beaches. As a
matter of record, some of The Abacos' beaches have been selected by
internationally recognized island travel authorities (and more than a few
magazines!) as ranking among the top 10 in the world! Whether "your" beach
is one of the "miles long" expanses found on Guana, Manjack or Green Turtle,
or a secluded 100 yard wide cove you just discovered ... if you're a "beach
person", The Abacos are an experience you'll never forget.
Guana Beach

Extending for approximately 120 miles from Walker's Cay to the tiny
settlement of Hole In The Wall, The Abaco Islands are surrounded by
shimmering iridescent waters that many experienced yachtsmen consider
unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Our islands offer safer and more
enjoyable cruising than any other Bahamian island group as a result of the
Sea of Abacos' protected waters probably the safest in all the Bahamas.

The Abacos' extensive reef system (3rd largest in the world - about 85 miles
long) and the islands' myriad offshore cays (numbering over 100 mostly
uninhabited islands and extending for almost 100 miles from Walkers Cay
south) form a natural barrier against the Atlantic Ocean's swells and
"rages" and create the Sea of Abaco, one of the safest and most rewarding
cruising grounds in all of the world. Ranging from 1.5 miles to over 5 miles
in width, and approximately 100 miles in overall length from Little Harbour
north to Walkers, this protected body of water maintains a relatively
shallow depth (10-20 feet) throughout its length, thereby making for calm,
safe cruising on waters among the clearest in the world.

There are several restaurants on the island for dining or cocktails. The most famous and closest is Nipper's Beach Bar and Grill , a family run beach grill with two pools and an awesome view overlooking the ocean beach. The food is great and the Sunday pig roast is not to be missed. Shoes are definitely optional here. At night, a mix of locals and island guests can lead to a good time, yet beware of the nipper, a potent rum concoction! The newest restaurant of Guana Cay, The Bluewater Grill is operated by the Dolphin Beach Resort. This casual yet elegant restaurant overlooks Fisher's Bay, one of the best places on the island to view sunset! The food is exceptional and is also a favorite among locals. Last but definitely not least, is The Hibiscus Restaurant at Guana Seaside Village located at the very north end of the road. Some of our favorite lunches are the cracked conch and grilled cheese with bacon and tomato. Guana Seaside Village has a pool and awesome sunsets.

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